Great Glen U3A 2019

Great Glen U3A


Arrangements for Future Trips

Pat Tate, our Trips organiser has been to a meeting with U3A outings organisers from the two Market Harborough U3As. We have agreed that after a specified cut-off date, spare places on any of our trips should be offered to Market Harborough members.  Pick up places will be Great Glen and Market Harborough. The Market Harborough U3As will offer us places on their trips, in the same way.  Details of any available places will be published in the newsletter, where possible.


Disclaimer: Trips, Events and Holiday

Every effort is made to inform you of any possible difficulties which may be encountered during group activities, trips and holidays organised on your behalf by members of the U3A.  If members should require any help or assistance to enable them to enjoy the experience, it is their own responsibilities to ensure that such help (which may be provided by a non-member) is available.  Please ensure you contact the organiser to discuss the details of the arrangements before making a firm booking for the event.