Great Glen U3A 2016

Great Glen U3A

Short Croquet

Tues 13:30

Methodist Hall

John Lawson

259 3421


Wed 13:30 - 14:30

Leicester Grammar School

David Brooke

259 2520

Do you imagine Croquet is a leisurely pastime for gentle-folk who tap coloured balls through hoops? What nonsense!

From knowledge of the Great Glen U3A Thursday at 10 am group there is nothing gentle about it. Are the teams of four players competitive? Extremely! Ruthless? Undoubtedly! They plot secretively. They destroy their opponents’ hard –won positions without a tremor.

Now these are people whom you might meet in the street, they may even be your neighbours, and you would find them friendly, intelligent, humorous and generous. But put into their hands a mallet and two heavy balls, and the character changes completely. Jekyll and Hyde! Roquet and Croquet! As one lady in a team said about her opponents when their strategy went adrift, ‘We really shouldn’t gloat’…..but there was a wicked smile on her face at that moment.

We put down our mallets, tidied the court ready for the 11.30am group, and once again became friendly, intelligent, humorous and generous. But behind the mask? It just doesn’t bear thinking about.

You do not need to be a serious swimmer to join the group.  We have a wide variety of abilities from those who rapidly swim many lengths each week to those who just enjoy a splash around and a chat. All appreciate the excellent pool at the Grammar School. New members are welcome but please contact David Brook before coming for the first time.

The current fee for swimming is £3 per session

Table Tennis

Every Mon 10:30

Great Glen Sports Centre

Janet Freestone

259 2803

Saga Magazine informed us that a documentary called PING PONG has been made about the world's oldest table tennis players. It features eight of the 2,000 players including an 89 year old champion. The producer of the film is quoted as saying "Younger players slam the ball, but the older ones play a brilliant long game with lots of spin. They are very canny." We too have some 80 year olds who surprise us at times!

Here in Great Glen, Table Tennis continues to be popular with our age group and we have a short waiting list. We are fortunate to be able to hire the Youth Club on Monday mornings. Playing doubles, we normally have two tables, so everyone has a chance to take a breath, have a chat and a coffee.

In the past we have played friendly matches with other groups, including Kibworth U3A, South Leicester U3A and Knighton Park.

The Sports Centre is next to Great Glen Village Hall.


Every Tues 10.00

Market Harborough Leisure Centre

Anne Spray

281 0324

Short Croquet

Thurs 10:00 & 11:30

Methodist Hall

John Lawson

259 3421

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