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Chairman’s Chat - Peter Russell - June 2017

Hello everyone.  What a great privilege it is to have been elected as your chairman for the coming year. I’ll do my best to emulate my predecessors, all of whom have put in sterling service to Great Glen U3A.

As you may know, this year we are occupying a stand at the Wheelbarrow Race & Village Fête instead of having an Open Day.  Our pitch is being organised by Stella Orbell and Toni Smith who have already put in quite a lot of work.  You will see requests for assistance on the day in the newsletter and if you can spare a couple of hours on 2nd September please contact either of them.  

U3A provides wonderful opportunities to keep us stimulated and active in our

 retirement, and we want to encourage local membership as much as possible.  We are hoping that the event will help make our presence better known to the public and bring in more members to benefit from all that we do.

And can I encourage all of you to look at our groups and find one more that you might like to attend?  Try something you’ve never done before; go along and see what it’s like.  

As we go through my year in office, you might get fed up with me pestering you to do things – but that is how it’s going to be.  I would like as many members as possible participating in as many groups and events as possible.   Fill up the groups and have a jolly good time!

Peter Russell     271 0889

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