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Chair’s Chat - July 2020

Hello everyone

Living as we do in Leicester, Patricia and I join about half our members in enduring an extension of lockdown. The root causes are shrouded in mystery. We shall probably never know who is to blame (and obviously when fortunes go awry someone has to be!): reckless protesters, Asian sweat shops, food processing factories, Eid celebrants, thoughtless pub goers or something in the air have all been suggested, but there seems no firm evidence to identify the culprits with certainty.

Anyway, I felicitate the virtuous inhabitants of Great Glen and other rural parts of our catchment area upon the gradual easing of their restrictions and trust that they will, naturally with appropriate regard to the continuing risk to themselves, enjoy their greater freedom to the full.

More lockdown though, or more freedom, your Committee believes it may well be 2021 before we see a return of any significance to the face-to-face activity and socialising which is the core of our U3A. We have therefore decided to try to arrange virtual monthly meetings for the remainder of 2020. These will be open to members who have provided us with an email address and who have downloaded the Zoom app. This can, as many members already know, be downloaded free on to a computer, tablet, smartphone or similar device. Downloading, installing and using Zoom is straightforward. If anyone would welcome being talked through the process, please let me know.

We have experts on hand who can help in confidence on a one-to-one basis. I shall shortly be emailing members with more information on this, and I hope that we shall see an excellent turnout at our monthly meetings.

Details of forthcoming meetings are published in the newsletter. Also in the newsletter you will find details of a competition that will enable you to share the delights of your garden this year, refreshed as it must be by the recent summer showers, and to show off your photographic skills. Of course, these days we do not need to have cameras: a tablet or a phone will do the job perfectly! I look forward to seeing lots of entries to cheer us all up. My thanks to John Johnson for organising this.

Robert Mansfield chairman/ at /      270 8284

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