Great Glen U3A 2020

Great Glen U3A

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Chair’s Chat - September 2020

Hello everyone

Astonishingly, I find myself once again writing to you under continuing lockdown, though maybe there are now signs that Leicester is at long last moving towards the bottom of the critical list, just as Oadby and Wigston show signs of recidivism.  I applaud the (presumably – what other explanation can there be?) law abiding and virtuous denizens of Great Glen and other leafy villages within our catchment area and envy their liberties to enjoy free movement and a modicum of social interaction.  On other fronts all is reasonably well here, as I hope it is with you, though Storm Ellen wrecked an ageing wooden rose arch, whose replacement will be tricky.

Those who attended our monthly meeting by Zoom last month will know it was a great success.  Fool’s Gold (Steve and Carol) had done a marvellous job of adapting their performance for the internet, and we all had a wonderful interactive time, ending with everyone singing along to old musical hall and Vera Lynn hit songs.  This month we have Philip Caine, author of the Jack Castle books.  Philip has led a life of extraordinary adventure.  I hope to see a good attendance, again by Zoom, next Tuesday (08 September at 10.30 a.m.) to enjoy his presentation.  Those on my list of invitees will receive an invitation over the weekend.  Anyone else who would like to be there, just contact me.

We had quite a range of differing garden photographs.  Many thanks to all those who entered the competition.  Congratulations are due to Stella Orbell, who was judged the winner by the Committee.  The judging process was squeaky clean, with no conferring and shortlists sent by each member to John Johnson for collation.  My thanks to John for organising this.

This month there is a new challenge, this time from the Writing for Pleasure Group, who have, with some input from friends and relations, compiled a very readable and interesting book of memories of what it was like growing up before, during and in the aftermath of World War II.  No, they are not looking for more words, but artwork for the cover of the book which is being readied for publication.  See the Group’s entry later in this newsletter.  It would be excellent if we can source this from our own talents.

Robert Mansfield chairman/ at /      270 8284

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