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A monthly update on the events of Great Glen Branch is published in the monthly Newsletter. A copy is available to all members through email and the monthly meeting and from Great Glen library. See link below to view a copy.

Chair’s Chat - November 2020

Hello everyone

Patricia and I are certainly pleased we managed to fit in a week on the North Norfolk coast in October, as it seems we shall not be pubbing and clubbing, visiting the gym or doing for some time to come quite a lot of other things we have not actually been doing. Christmas shopping will be less enjoyable and more of a challenge of course, but I have managed to sneak in an eleventh-hour haircut. We are all set for an indeterminate period of downward hunkering.

None of this though needs to mar our enjoyment of our new, Zoomed u3a. I am pleased to see further signs of activity and membership engagement on this front, with increasing attendance at monthly meetings, the restart of the Military History and Monday Book Groups, and the varied programme of diversions organised by Peter and Sue Russell to help us learn, live and laugh. And now of course we also have the opportunities in the national Winter Learning Programme. There is more about all of these in, or enclosed with, this edition of the newsletter. Anyone wishing to attend future monthly meetings who is not already receiving regular invitations should contact me to be put on the list of invitees.

I should like to pay tribute to the long service as a Group Leader of Eric Orbell. He has led the Family History and Military Groups with distinction but has had to stand down because of recent illness. I wish his successors, Toni Smith, and Alan Mawby respectively, every success in taking on the leadership of these groups.

Also in this edition you will find details of the Book of Memories, hot off the press from the Writing for Pleasure Group. Though I say it myself, it is a most interesting and enjoyable read, and I hope there will be an excellent uptake of copies from members. I am immensely proud of this achievement for our u3a.

The persistence of Covid means that we have to act promptly to change our constitution to enable us to continue to operate next year and beyond by holding virtual General Meetings. Those who receive newsletters by email will receive an email from me about a Special General Meeting on 1 December to pass the necessary Special Resolution. Those who receive copies by post will find enclosed a briefing note, notice of meeting and a voting form. It is most important that we receive a good response to this, as the voting requirements for Special Resolutions are stricter. Please everyone therefore make the effort to vote within the time allowed.

Stay active and stay safe!

Robert Mansfield     chairman/ at /      270 8284

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