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Chairman’s Chat - August 2017

Hello everyone.  

As I write this, the BBC web site is headlining a Lancet article and video clip on a newly released report on dementia, a very topical issue which now features regularly in news bulletins.  The report lists nine things which we can do which might help us. These include ‘keep learning new things’, ‘keep active’ and ‘be sociable’ which, of course, are key aims of U3A.   If indeed these can contribute to delaying this awful condition then we should make the most of the opportunities that are available.

Secondly, this is the last opportunity I shall have to remind you of our participation in the Wheelbarrow Race & Fête on September 2nd.  If you have friends who want to find out more about U3A then get them along to our stand.   Many thanks to Stella and Toni for organising this for us and to those of you who have volunteered to support on the day.

After excellent contributions from John Parrington and Margaret Hudson, I’m still looking for more volunteers for party pieces to kick off the monthly meetings.  It can be travel tales, a musical item, a personal story, a favourite poem, or short films or photographs of an outing or event.  Please get in touch with me to arrange it.

Have a lovely August and be ready to spring back into action in September when all the groups get going again.

Peter Russell     271 0889

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Computer Group Learners and Helpers enjoying their first lesson