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Great Glen U3A

A monthly update on the events of Great Glen Branch is published in the monthly Newsletter. A copy is available to all members through email and the monthly meeting and from Great Glen library. See link below to view a copy.

Chair’s Chat - May 2020

Hello everyone

I suppose one benefit of the lockdown has been that my garden has been receiving more attention than in the past few years.  Parts of it are certainly a bit tidier and the perennial battle with the noxious ground elder, which continues to encroach almost everywhere, has commenced with modest successes.  I cannot believe how quickly the lawn has turned from a swamp to a luscious green (in those parts where the grass survived, at least) and how quickly large cracks are now starting to appear in the surface.

This is a short edition of the newsletter because (a) you have all the AGM papers to read and respond to (b) there is relatively little new to report from the Groups though I do again congratulate all those who are using phone and computer technology to sustain our U3A and (c) we are trying to ‘husband our resources’ as our communications costs increase with no offsetting income coming in from group activities.  

On the last point several people have suggested to me that some of our members with email addresses may not have shared them with us.  Or maybe some have recently changed email addresses and not let us know.  This matters much more now, as we are having to use the post to communicate with any member for whom we do not have what we believe to be a working email address.  So if you are receiving your newsletter or agenda papers through the post and you have an email address, please let Janet Fanko membership/at/  have it, so we can reduce our costs.

Finally let me offer you all my continued good wishes for keeping safe, healthy and in good spirits until circumstances improve.

Robert Mansfield  chairman/at/   270 8284

(Change /at/ to @ for email)

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