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Chairman’s Chat - November 2017

Well the dark nights are upon us, the fireworks have lit up the sky and that means we’re on our way to Christmas.  So get your tickets for our December monthly meeting and enjoy the entertainment.  And make a note of the Singing-for-Fun session on 20th December for some carols and popular seasonal songs.

This year, proceeds from our all-ticket December meeting are going to REMAP.  If you were present, you might recall the talk we had on this remarkable charity which makes use of volunteer engineers and craftsmen to produce custom-made equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives.

I’m very pleased to report the setting up of a new indoor Carpet Bowls Group in our U3A, which has come about with the co-operation of the remaining few members of the Great Glen Carpet Bowls Club.  This gets going on 16th November as a weekly group and it would be good if all of you who expressed an interest can get along to a session.  See the announcement later in this newsletter.

Our Ukulele Group has come on wonderfully since it began a year ago and later this month is venturing out for its first public performance.  I’m sure we all wish them well and hope they really enjoy themselves.

As I mentioned last month there are going to be opportunities to join the committee and help in the running of our U3A.  If you are interested then you can come along to a committee meeting and see what goes on.  Enthusiasm and good email are the main requirements.  You can contact any committee member about this.

Finally, I would like to thank very much those members who have volunteered their party pieces at the start of our last few monthly meetings.  I think it really helps to get each meeting off to a good start and I’m hopeful that we can keep this going well into 2018.  Do have a go.

Peter Russell       271 0889

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