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Great Glen U3A Interests Group is a registered charity no. 1099411

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The Ukulele Sensation

11th February 2020 10:00-12:00

Great Glen Village  Hall

Associate Membership £5 Until March 2020

Until the end of March 2020 the membership fee for new Associate Members (that is, full members of other U3As wishing to take part in the activities of Great Glen U3A) will be reduced from £9.50 to £5.

So if you already belong to another U3A, you can add Great Glen U3A activities to your week for very little cost.  Click on the

Interest Groups button above to see what we do.

Singing For Fun

Please note change of date

Wednesday 12th February 2020  2.00pm   Methodist Hall

Come and exercise your lungs with us.

A Mixed Bag of Favourite Songs

Everyone is welcome to join us - we’re not a choir, just singing for fun!


Internal Forms

Have you got a Smartphone?

Would you like to know more about how to use it?

Perhaps you had a smartphone for Christmas, or maybe you have had one for a while but don’t really use it very much.  There are lots of ways you might use your phone to help you in your daily life.  The best way to learn is with other people – then we can all share our experiences, help each other out and learn about how others are using their phone.

There is no specific date yet, but if you have a smartphone and this is something that would be of interest to you, please put your name down.  You can sign up at the next monthly meeting or contact me directly using the details below.  If there is enough interest, I will arrange an initial meeting that includes a presentation from a member of another U3A who has been running a group like this for a while.  He will be able to tell us about their experiences and advise us on how to get started.

It will help if you can provide the make of your phone and whether it is Apple or Android.

Let’s not get left behind – we can all Learn Something New!

Sue Russell  07976 263206